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I haven't updated cuz I didn't want people to get lost looking for the mixtapes and such. If you still read this and still care about my efforts...then you'll be happy to know I got MORE new music coming out.

I got the Gold Rush project coming out. All beats done by my uncle, Seth Boogie....this isn't our first rodeo, cowboy...........get that Western reference with the cover?

A 4 song EP produced by my ex-school-peer, Kool Kutta. The songs, "Up There", "Down There", "Over There", "Right Here"....haha, get it?

AM TO THE AM is my joint mixtape with fellow Third Worldian, Ace Boogie. This is gonna be one of the hottest projects to come off the label this year. I'm not gonna leak any info on it, cuz you GOTTA WAIT!!!

I just finished this on my part. Shaun Fauste will feature on the song I did over Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y's "Car Service"...I get BASED on this mixtape, and I'm starting to drop little knowledges....peep it...soon. Synthetic Cubism...I was originally gonna use only beats sampling Melvin Bliss' "Synthetic Substitution", but those are old school instrumentals that can't be found...I that concept was thrown out.

I just made the cover to this. No songs on it yet. The cover is a screenshot from Final Fantasy 7, showing Tifa's Seventh Heaven bar....with the Window's 7 logo. I guess the codename will be 777.

I'm producing for others too. Czech out Monty C. Benjamin of 2MG(2nd To None Music Group). "Beyond Belief"...
<a href="">Beyond Belief(Prod. Leak) by 2MG</a>

--midas is so fuckin' ready to blow!!!--
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