Midas' Principles

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To the average person, I am a rapper/producer. To myself, I am more than that. A visionary. A sovereign mind state. Therefore, I got some terms and rules and explanations to how I operate.

1. FUN & GAMES: I make beats I will post up nicely zipped, with photoshop'd album covers. I will post them in the Imeem playlist where all music I am affiliated with will be for listening. As more beat albums appear, they will be available for download in the sliding table. Feel free to download them, rap 'em up, and have fun...I don't mind. However, if you feel the want to make that beat yours, and yours only, we can discuss that.

2. MONEY TALK$: If you are a local Cincinnati act, I am more than happy to meet and greet to exchange change for bang. Eventually I'll get a Paypal where you can do it like that if you're not from around here.

3. SITE CONTENT: When I need to be, I can be a role model. When you're on my site, you may see or read content that may make you uncomfortable. That goes for profanes words(Fuck, Shit, Nigga, et cetera), sexual material(naked), et cetera. Dig?

4. EXECUTIVE BRANCH: I'm not going to boast any skills I have at this....If you're an underground talent who would like to have a set of classic beats up under him/her, I am willing to sit down with you and bring your song ideas to life with beats. I find I am very good at this. I will only charge you for the set of beats since I don't have a studio of my own anymore.

5. CAMEO: If you would like me to drop a verse or chorus on your song, I will take half the price off of the tag. If I have the urge to hop on the track, the beat is free. Get it?

When I think of more, I won't hesitate to add more...

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