Philosophies of Midas Welle

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1.) The Lost Remote Philosophy: Often in American living, one can find themselves "remoteless". Searching under the couch, behind the television, and on the table never seems to work. This is because you are looking for it. Similar to true love, if you spend your life looking, you will never find. When you ease your mind and allow it to be, the universe will reveal each and everyone of your wants to you.

2.)The Snorlax Philosophy: If you have ever played Poke'mon Red, Blue or Yellow, you're familiar with Route 12-13 and the giant Snorlax blocking your path. This philosophy is similar to "fight fire with fire". The only way to get past Snorlax is to obtain the Poke'Flute and use it to wake him up. In life you learn, sometimes you have to do what you have to do when it comes down to it.

3.)The Fastest Thing Alive Philosophy: After missing out on Sonic the Hedgehog my whole childhood, I feel I have missed a giant life lesson growing up. Sonic the Hedgehog's game play taught me to keep moving, never stop and be free. There are multiple ways to finish the level(life), either way, the same result occurs.

4.)The Forever Young Philosophy: Many people dedicate their lives to finding themselves or improving themselves. As a child, you are under the impression you know everything, and you are more free. If only one could preserve their innocence in this world, I think it is possible for one to un-tap their hidden powers. People are at their most creative as children as well.

5.)The Breadless Sandwich Philosophy: I don't believe in the traditional Heaven nor Hell. I believe Heaven is on the moon...or atleast another planet. I believe Hell is on Earth...maybe the core. I don't believe a person instantly goes to Heaven or Hell when they die, unless they fulfill their life's mission, and make their soul energy weightless to break from the Earth's orbit. Otherwise, a person's soul is transferred to a new born baby. "Man dies, baby born." In the world we live in, I think some sins are necessary to commit, the only sin is denying God...or Allah, or Jah, or whomever you believe....

6.)The Light Switch Philosophy: People can change as often as Cincinnati weather. It has been said, "people never change." I agree, "people never change, they just switch 'up'."

The essentials to human existence while I spent time in this era....

Æ-Art/Entertainment-The sitcoms we become a part of, the televised events we talk about at work or school the next day, summer blockbusters, New York Bestsellers, the new flavor of some candy or soda pop. What makes us feel...united.

☼-The Sun-It comes from the east, and sets in the west, then it's Japan's turn again....we all see it, we all need it.

☯-Relationships-The ups and downs, the ins and outs, the rights and wrongs, the pros and cons. Whether it be friendship, romantic relationships, or family relationships...or those one too many cats you have, we all have them.

☠-Death-A natural part of life, in turn, the end is only the a butterfly.

$-Currency-It doesn't have to be the can be any medium of exchange. Eye for an eye.

♫-Music-The therapy that heals nearly any wound. The most universal language on the planet next to Mathematics.

♀-Women-More than a story to tell your homies over 40's and blunts. She is what keeps man going, she is beautiful.

♥ -Love-Something that is not practiced too well these days...not as popular as its evil twin, Hate. Something we all, someway or another experience and need to grow.

☮-Peace-Fighting is unnecessary unless organized. Peace should be practiced more often, people are too tense during their lifetimes....It takes more effort to be uptight than it does to be happy.

☆-Spiritualism-Whether you believe in God, Allah, Jah, Yahweh, or a giant plate of spaghetti, we all need something to believe in to make us feel worth more than a fleshy bag of bones...something to look forward to outside of this cruel world.

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