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Midas Welle(that's me), has gone by many a name in his day. His most famous personas, Mphamous(infamous with an 'm' at the beginning), and Empathy. Names that stuck in the minds of his peers, but none of which really stuck with he. So......one day when Ace Boogie decided to leave M.T. Bag(the band he helped found with Boogie, Shaun Fauste and Skeem Da General), he came up with Midas Welle....as in, " might as well go solo too."

Blah, blah, blah. I've been rapping since I was the tender age of 11 years old, and I've been making beats since 15. I didn't really get good at either until I was roughly 16 or 17. Practice makes perfect.

The sound I make is highly sample based. Most Hip-Hop heads call it cheating, but when you hear it.....I'll let you be the judge.

I represent a fictitious record label called Third World Records. I came up with the name, my brother from another mother(and father), Stuntman, gave me the idea for the symbol and it's been history since 2007. Third World represents everybody, from the poverty stricken to the ballers who spend their rent money on strippers.

Why is my blog pink? Am I biting Cam'Ron or Charles Hamilton....no. I liked the template and I like titties...If you don't get that, then odds are you don't like titties....Everybody likes titties.

I'm all about good music. If you make music and it sucks, don't step to me with it. I'm all about helping other artists out. So return the favor, listen to my musics, and "hurry up and buy!"

Also...don't get all intimidated by my thoughts or some shit...I'm a regular muthafucka like you muthafucka. I don't wanna uphold a squeaky clean image...I wanna make people like they can take their shoes off when they come to my site....you know?

--Midas has spoken--

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U are such character (in a good way)

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