Era Ends--Dynasty Begins

| | do I begin this? Okay, my brother from another mother(and father) is about to move away from Cincinnati to D.C.

We've been in the game together for quite sometime. He's about to step out from pursuing it and I'm back on the grizzle. I decided to get a photograph before he departed with the cast of Third World Records....well, not EVERYBODY, but you get it.

The photo is of ME, Shaun Fauste, Skeem Da General, Average Joe, Ace Boogie and Stuntman.

As of now, I'm downloading the discography of Bob Dylan. It's really hard to download and upload on this laptop...kinda pisses me off. Patience is a virtue and all good things come with time.

Music should be up one day, and I'll have links to other Third World acts up eventually. Heavy, heavy, heavy, on the grind...


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shaun fauste said...

sup sup...just showing the blog some love.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ pause

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