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Midas has some plans this year. I don't want to be another overlooked act. I want a catalog of classic joints to look back on. I'm gonna make endless beat albums like my old days. Here's a look at things to come in the future from Midas and friends.

Midas Welle/Shaun Fauste=Noise Made Eternal(NME) whenever we decide an official album and concept!

Seth Boogie Presents Midas Welle...untitled.....that's not even in the works.

DJ Mr.Rodgers Presents Midas Welle in...Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, I'm writing this right now!

Music For Dummies, the first LP of my forever spanning series. I can't wait to do this.

Other than that, I might do a brooding LP, I got a lot of bullshit on my chest that can become songs. Me and Ace Boogie still need to do an actual (Insert Fly Title Here), me and Skeem need to do some shit, and M.O and I are long over due for a feature.

You'll always stay posted right here!

I was listening to Charles Hamilton's "Windows Media Player". The way he delivers the hook is so funny to me.

--midas is goin'--

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