"I Would Be The Hot Shit"

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The word blog is like the ugliest word in the history of words. I hate saying it. I don't like to be called a blogger.

"But you blog, why can't I call you a blogger?"

This blogging thing is like connecting a microphone and a projection screen to my brain. I'm attempting to pour out my thoughts and shit onto to this page. A way of immortalizing myself in the event I die on some premature shit.

Bear with me. I don't wanna be famous for this shit....it would be cool if people would listen to the music, that's the main focus. The posting is merely for making the site look alive. For those who read, that's amazing to me, at least my efforts don't go unsung....Plus if I do make it somewhere, it'll be kinda cool to look back this like, "Whoa! I came along way from living out of that box eating Ramen noodles."

(One day this will be me, except..I won't be a woman...nor will I be wearing that...)

Take 'em out...

--midas is lonely..at the top--

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