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If you rap and you think/know you're good, you tend to gain a sense of superiority over other emcees. Some emcees boast their delivery, others, their punchlines. Me, I like to talk about the words I can make compound rhyme. I'm not the biggest punchline guy, but mine are okay. Here are some of my personal favorite quotables from myself

"Here you gotta stand bold, cuz the inhabitants isn't happy/ People fight to survive in the streets of Cincinnati."--"Ghetto Radio" 2005

"Fists clash in the battle arena/ Kinetic energy unleashes the potential to make you travel to Venus/ Unravel subpoenas, I'm wanted everywhere/ Surprise with your horror flick styles, I'm barely scared."--"Vets" 2006

"I'ma blow this like Mt. Vesuvius/ Rap revolves around me like neutrons and protons around a nucleus/ Correct the minds of those tryna be pursuing us, bending their squeezed tools/ Fierce bars coming from the trees like Vietnamese troops."--"Ancient Scriptures" 2006

"When I spit, I have you wondering the source of it/ You of course love it, have swords shovin' through the bottom of your coarse mullet."--"I'm Ill" 2006

"Every emcee talks about how his medallion swings/ Now it seems like no talent brings Italian things/ I challenge fiends, lyrically bullets are hardly aimed to/ Leaving you leaking like a Farrah Fawcett from Charlie's Angels."--"Balleristic Ish" 2005

"The bars we flow bossin'(boss)/ Resulting in the broads that we know tossin'(toss)/Clothes off with the looks of Rosario Dawson(Daws')/"--"Cashmere Status" 2008

"Mics get snapped in half when I'm rappin' last."--"Shots Ring Out" 2008

"They on crack like they live in a nest/ They shake like I just gave them Tourette's."--"Gangrene" 2007

"When the CD come out emcees run out/ It's kinda like a lunar eclipse/ And they're surprised to see me cuz it was rumored I quit/ No Nazi, but like a Ruger, I spit."--"Daytona 513" 2008

"Embezzle, get filthy, but you can't escape the karma loop/ Tryna hang with big dogs, you're Toto and I'm Marmaduke/ No, I'm Cujo, you're too close, I'm crazy, I need to find an outlet/ Yeah, I said I'm crazy. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?"--"Silly" 2009

"Man, you see? So much work, I'm essentially retired/ Cuz I'm the total package, no assembly required."--"I'm Gone" 2009

--midas was flowin'--

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