Two Eyes Blind

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The rapper and the producer. A wonderful combination when separate entities, but Man Vs. Self when combined. Constantly the rapper side of my mind wants to hoard all the beats the producer side of me creates....more often than not, those beats are given away.

When I first started rapping, it seems that all who knew I did it respected me highly. SO HIGHLY! You don't understand. Verses have been bitten from me, I've had apprentices, a cat asked me for my former rap name, I've had lines borrowed from me.....but when I started to make beats, it seems as though cats want to hold that aspect over my head like, "Yo, you should stick to making beats."

Without clarity, that can be taken many ways. Are you saying I shouldn't rap because I suck, because my beats are better than my rhymes, or do you want to do away with another lyricist? I need to know. It's kinda painful up top. It's like a king being turned on by the same people who once bowed to him...haha, really bad analogy.

The reason I say this: M.O has a show he wants M.T. Bag to open. I'm like, cool, whatever. I inform the fellow Baggers like, I'm down as long as I get to rap, if I don't, I don't give a shit.

Apparently, I'm the bad guy for thinking this way....Ace tells me even if I don't get to rap, I should support my "brain children", my beats. Nobody gives a flying fuck if I made the beat or not, nor will they know that I made it. If I rap, then people will know it is me behind the raps. No brainer. Realize I am a "rapper" above all. It's what I came into it doing, it's what I plan on doing when I leave.

I give these cats life, and they want to act like I've done nothing for 'em?

I don't get it, where's the love?

--midas don't know shit--

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