Biter's Delight

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I just feel like rapping. I haven't had the "feeling" in quite some time. Like, actually wanting to RAP.

I'm sensing a little bad blood amongst us like an AIDS test
So I move faster than shaved legs climbing to the apex
Whatever they says, I listen not like I got an ear infection
Poetic license on the road to victory is my weirdest weapon
Destined to rock like a dinosaur used for fossil fuel
Understand? Emcees stay slower than absolute molecules
All I do is Beat And Rhyme, bar none
Show me the competition, dog, um....there are none
You spark guns? I'm able to shatter the glass rhymer
Who throws stones, barriers make 'em back fire
Flat tire, got 'em  running themselves off the road
If I decided to ignore gravity, I would float off the globe
Ignore me, I'm spaced out, I don't know my name now
I talk enough smack to knock the bones behind your face out
Watch how it play out, it'll be ballin' fine or Columbine
Welcome to the 5% that don't go 4 the $ sign

--midas has unloaded--

~p.s: "Wipe yourself off, you're bleeding."

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