Forever, Mayne

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I had a talk with my mom about the meaning of a, why do women lust after them so?

The meaning of the diamond and the meaning of marriage finally click in my head. If a diamond is known to basically last forever, marriage should too right with it....but it doesn't. I think about today, and the shit we've done to tarnish the sacred. Sex is a recreational activity. Marriage is the sacred bond between man and woman(or partner and partner). No longer as it seems.

(Immigrants can marry a citizen of the US to avoid deportation....which is kinda slick to me.)

(Finding a wedding chapel in Vegas is like finding grass in a field.)

(I give it to them, they are purty..not purty enough for a year's pay...)

All and all, I guess it's a thing. Some people like them...some people don't. That's alright, right?

("And what seemed like forever is a mighty long time.")

--midas is glowin'--

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