Hip-Hop Is Dead...

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I'm done. I've been done a long time ago.

Hip-Hop hasn't been the same since it became a business. No longer was it a music when it became adulterated with R&B/Pop sounds. We wanna Auto-Tune everything? We wanna rock out? Fuck Hip-Hop...

This is my new shit.

Avant-Garde: (French, Adjective?) Refers to people or works that are experimental/innovative in art, culture and politics.

A-G pushes the norms and status quo in culture. Hip-Hop is a culture. Fuck rappers, fuck producers, fuck DJ's, fuck everything Hip-Hop.

If Hip-Hop is defined by Soulja Boy, The G-S Boyz, "Walk Wit A Dip", and all the other bullshit on the radio, I don't wanna be associated with it. Fuck y'all.

(All the time except for the clothes....that Lady Gaga shit..)

(Maybe he wasn't really off his rocker in the '06...)

--midas is not tightly woven--

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