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I wish I had an actual photo of the events that transpired this morning, but I don't.

It was me, Fauste and friends at The Gypsy Hut loungin' and bullshit. We felt the need for fourth meal. Taco Bell!

The following takes place between 3:15 A.M and 3:53 A.M.

We saw a line of like 6 or 7 cars.

We're waiting.

Somebody cracks a joke.

We're waiting.

We sing songs.

We're waiting.

I noticed cars had moved up, yet we haven't moved. There is a Jeep in front of us.

A worker from inside comes out to check to see if there are customers. There are about four cars behind the Jeep. V.I.L.L.A.I.N hops out the whip (see nothin' but a fog) and interrogates the driver of the Jeep.

Suit was followed by a college boy and a "red bone" fresh out the club...maybe.

Come to find out Mr.Jeep was sleep. He then went on with his order.....

How do you fall asleep at the wheel? I've heard of dozing off, but SHIT!!!!!

(Look for the line that made me put this song here for brownie points.)

--midas is dozin'--

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