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We have finally entered a year that sounds futuristic. Twenty10, 2010, MMX. I'm guessing the confrontations and boycotting has subsided....for now. Still feeling uneasy. FUCK!

Got wasted. M.O never wins at Spades.

Caught this video. The room was quiet like it meant something. Already cats got their conspiracies about it.

You can interpret this a million different ways. Some will call it demonic, some will call it ahead of its time. I decided to no longer think about it. The truth will rise one day...but not today. The way I see it, the man never directly said he dabbles in Masonry....nor has he said he doesn't. It's a law of seduction. He has awed millions upon millions of people with his mystery. Saying just enough to leave you wondering, "What's the rest?"

Apparently, it's working.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress.

Happy Twenty10....Major moves. Let's stop fighting each other and fight the power, huh?

--midas is.....idunno, shit--

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