Oedipus Complex(Not Really)

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You know those tear jerking stories you stumble upon where some guy reunites with his long lost family via Facebook, and they reunite and shit and it's all happy?

Hey, guess what? My "dad" found me on Facebook. Ain't no telling if he is really the one who made this all happen. If he is, or if he isn't, I kinda don't care.....That's not me denying anything.....that's nineteen and a half years of apathy being built up.

Like, I've never seen this character before. No previous relationship. No nothing. This cat coming out the wood work twenty years after my birth is just a new character. You feel what I'm saying?

I feel the same as before I got the request. Ain't nothing changed...

I need to make music..............Niggaz Gon' Wild............sssshhhh!!!

--midas is his own grandpa--

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