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I had a quick vision, yo.........okay, it wasn't a vision, it was a thought. A vivid one.

What is it, Commandment two and three, "No gods before me" and "Don't make yourself an idol"?

I caught a small segment of Ryan Seacrest on Oprah. He said something about his followers. In your mind, the idea of followers and following doesn't sound bad. Out loud, that shit sounds WRONG!

If you look up one of my tweets, I'm like, what is the point of having strangers follow you, just to know what you think about a phrase with a # next to it?

2010 has seen the most interest I've ever shown in religion, after 2006 with Buddhism.

With it snowing in April in Cincinnati, wouldn't you think something's awry?

If the apocalypse is in two years, I wanna be in the attic not seeing a damn thing.

--midas is concerned--

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