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Kanyeezy...one of my favorite artists of all time, no doubt....but, I'm not always 100% behind everything he does, like Taylor Swift interruptions, sore-losing, and "We Were Once A Fairy Tale" for instance. It's not bad.....yet, it doesn't make a lick of sense...it does...somewhat....

My interpretation: We are all born with an Ego. This Ego arises when you're given attention, dig? So, when Yeezy got famous, he went from a humble Chi-Town native to a big headed "Demi-God"...if you ask him...So, when he attempts to pay for drinks himself, he can't do it, feeding his Ego. BUT, when he attempts to do something for himself, his Ego won't allow him to do so, it doesn't benefit the Ego. Kanye gets drunk in an attempt to hide the Ego, but that only makes it worse. "I MADE THE NOTES!" and "OH, FUCK!" The Ego was doing the talking...and acting, which is why people were doing Mr.West so wrong. "I'm not thinking about sex!"

So, when Mr. West seduces the couch for a moment of love, the Ego resurrects memories of possibly the coldest lady West has ever been with...or, has ever thought of. Eventually, when West hits the restroom and vomits confetti, he obviously knows there is something wrong there...He just so happens to find a knife on the floor and a mini-knife for nail filing on the floor. He Hara-Kiri's the cat-rat-Ego thingy out of himself and mans up, handing the mini-knife to it. This interprets into: in order to slay the Ego, you must nip it at the bud...which is, the Ego itself.

Um.....Ok, that wasn't too deep of an interpretation, nor an interpretation at all...it was more like a book report.........Well...shit....


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