What Ever Happened 2 Music?

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MUSIC: (N. mew-ziq) 1.)An art form whose medium is sound. 2.) The expression of oneself through instruments or lyrics said over instruments. 3.) A lifestyle. 4.)A fad that everybody wants to get into.

(I can't rap)

If we look back at the origins of music, it was used for the soundtrack to tribal rituals and done to entertain and pass time by...Now...Music is a woman who has been around the block more times than a cop on patrol. EVERYBODY does it.

I don't hate, but I don't like a lot of everything that's coming out. People think I'm stuck up or full of myself...that's not the case. My taste is very "different" from others. I can understand the aspect of people liking dance/party music. I'm guilty of that too, but music in its purest form is all about deeper meaning to me. I can respect a thorough club song, as long as it sounds good and wasn't thrown together.

A lot of what's out today is, people trying to imitate what was hot yesterday. Not many people are original today. Some people are talented as fuck, but use it wrong. (I'm gonna name drop) R.Kelly and Trey Songz will be my targets today.

Kellz and Songz make "good sounding" music, but when the smoke clears, it doesn't mean a damn thing. I respect their hustles, dolla-dolla-bill-y'all, but artists who make money off of being themselves get more respect from me: Prince, Sting, Bob Dylan and The Beatles from back in the day. Those cats made music from the soul, and are multi-millionaires. Artists who make songs for others don't even crack the R-I-double-A or Billboard charts, and often get forgotten.

What really "bakes my noodle" is random people who do it, and say "I just fucks with it". Either you do this whole-heartedly or you don't do it at all.

More towards Rap music, I hate when cats get on the mic talking about what they don't know a damn thing about, whether that be street shit or using words they don't know the meaning of. I can't stand wack "Trap" rappers or fake "Conscious" emcees...that won't stop me from selling them beats though.

I guess all I'm saying is, if you're gonna do something, "midas welle" do it right.

--Midas Has Spoken--


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