A Long Time A.G.O 'Swagger'

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I can't emphasize enough how often I'm labeled as 'weird', or 'different'. I've learned to live with it, it feels good to be yourself....but not so good to be shunned for it. If there was a time period I wish I could live in for a couple years, it would have to be the '60s......Well, I don't think I'd have as much fun being a black face. It was all about fighting the system, and being free...that's my mission today. It seems nobody is in the same boat, I mean, on the same yacht as me on that.

Fellow Third Worldian, Relly Boi said something to me last weekend that was kinda funny to my brain, "Is that why you've been all 6oish?" I don't think that's what he said, but same ball park.

I've been listening to a lot of 1960s era music. Why? It was good. Artists sold records by being themselves, nothing more, nothing less. I admire that. Primarily what I have been into like it's new is:

Bob Dylan
The Beatles got some jams, but Dylan is not the kinda stuff you can bump in your ride. Either way, it's music from the soul. I feel it!

The literature ain't half bad neither. I PDF'd a book by a guy in prison.
Basically, this book is an instruction manual to being a rebel back in the day...it was The Anarchist Cookbook before The Anarchist Cookbook. Good read, I HIGHLY recommend.

I identify with the '60s more, man. It was chill, from what I heard. That's what I'm all about..

--Midas Has Spoken--


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