Killing 2 Birds W/ 1 Stone

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If you listen to a lot of music like me, you can detect the genre solely by the drum pattern.

You gotta hear my impression of music eras one time............anyway. If you listen to mainstream Rap, this thought has crossed your mind once or twice, "Everything sounds the same!"

I've been telling niggas for years that producers are slacking, and I'm going to prove it!

(Bobby Valentino-"Anonymous")

(Justin Timberlake-"My Love")
Both Timbaland tracks....this one went rather unsung. Bobby ain't gon' crush Justin on the charts, no way, no how.

(Bubba Sparxxx-"Nowhere")

(Justin Timberlake-"Cry Me A River")
I know it seems like I'm picking on poor ol Timbo....but it's not fly to hand cats the same EXACT beats....essentially....

Tune in sometime after this point when I expose The Neptunes...or Kanye West....who knows?


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