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So...if I was a foreigner who knew about as much history about America as an American knew about the history of Sri Lanka, I would think America is the weirdest country on the planet.

English folks came from an oppressive government to a land where the natives were happy to help them. Then, they break bread with them, then turn around and oppress the natives on their own land? An oppression that is still alive today...and we celebrate that?

Back to paragraph one...Why do we have a day dedicated to eating? That's what it's all about, the extra trimmings are that thankful and sharing bullshit, but the main event is eating. Kinda like Christmas with gifts, they say the moral is sharing and celebrating's ALL about the gifts, baby.

Whose idea was it to cook an animal that looks like this??? I'm glad they found it, but, man, this is a freaky looking animal...

The other part of this month that kinda pisses me off is Black Friday....Why? Cuz I never get to celebrate it.

Other than that, my Thanksgiving was decent. Nothing has the same impact as it used to. I really don't know what it's gonna be like when I start a family. My kids will have no holiday spirit, from my end at least....That's kinda scary to think about..

Been playing Final Fantasy 7 more than making music, it's a nice time machine, to go back to my young days.

--midas is swollen--


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