This Is A Man's World

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Hip-Hop, a young'n's best friend, a geezer's worst enemy. At first glance, Hip-Hop is a bunch of crotch grabbing and shit talk....and the notorious "slander of women".

What do you expect from an industry run by males?

The average rapper is a dude, right? The average dude, when talking to his boys, refers to a woman as a bitch or hoe, right? It's no disrespect, unless stated otherwise...So it's custom for it to appear in the music.

Now, when it comes to female rappers, the game has been designed so females can't shine lyrically like a male does. Why? It's a man's world. No man ever wants to see a woman make more money than him. Which is why Lauryn Hill is AWOL, Jean Grae is still underground, and Nicki Minaj is forced to rap about freaky sex.

Nicki has skills, but I got the same problem with her as I do Wayne...the majority of what I'm hearing is about FUCKIN'....I'd be on the Minaj bandwagon if she gave mo' betta songz(Auto-Tune voice).

I want a woman to just come up and sweep these rap niggas off their feet. *Cough**Cough*, Lady S.

--midas ass jokin'--


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