The Artist and The Musician

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Man, that's a blurry picture. If you can see it, this is the Mediafire account I have hosting Third World music. Two weeks ago I uploaded M.T Bag's Made In Cincinnati and M.O's The M.O Hour. Both are genuine classics in their own rights.

M.O devised a contest. He wanted to see who could get the most downloads in a week. He took the first week. He did pretty well, he had 69 downloads, but when M.T Bag took the stage, it became clear what people really want with a whopping 85 downloads in week one.

M.O chalks it up to us knowing more people...which IS true, but nevertheless, those people could've not downloaded it.

The way I see it, The M.O Hour was made to acquire a range of specific audiences: Stoners, Models, Party People, Average Joes. M.I.C was created without a distinct target. We made that album because the content on it is what we wanted to would be a coincidence if anybody liked any of it. When Ace and I started marketing the album at Wright State last year, the results were enthralling. I honestly didn't think it would pick up as fast as it did.

I said this before on an earlier post. Artists who create music for themselves, as opposed to making a hit to be heard by certain people , gain more audience than the hit-maker.

Music made from the mind, body and soul, for the mind, body and soul is better music. The M.O Hour has hits and classics, but the entire M.I.C album is in a league of its own because it was made in our own little zone. When listening to M.I.C, the vibe is much different than any other album in the world.

For this reason, Midas Welle, Ace Boogie, Skeem Da General, and Shaun Fauste are the men to see for classic material.

No beef over here!

--midas hath spoken--

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