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Every year that passes, I only get older, and more mature lookin' in the face. People haven't been able to tell what age I am since......ever...really. I was either too big for my age, as a youth, or too old lookin', in my common era. I guess it comes from how my brain operates, it's way ahead niggeraci's my age.

Anyway. I went X-Mas shopping, what was it, yesterday. NEW MOVEMENT: iHate The Mall!

I went to Cincinnati Mills like, "They got American Eagle there. I'm just gonna get myself an X-Mas gift and my mom's gift in one felt swoop." Uh-uh.

American Eagle is no longer there. Spencer's is no longer there. Fuck, I don't even think Tommy Hilfiger is there anymore. Every strip of that mall is just black glass. Even a worker from Outdoors World agreed there ain't shit there. I made my way to Tri-County.

There were a bunch of mafuckas there. I was in Unforgivable Mode like, "What all these people doin' here?" "It's-it's the mall."

I love to be seen, but I hate being looked at.....see me?

I went to American Eagle first. Those kids were fuckin' scared of me. I came in looking like Dead Presidents. I had the black wool coat on, black hat, black shirt, black and white shoes, and I was black. Them white heauxs were "startled". I came in for "dorm pants." The only styles they had were too big, or too small. They had a nice sale, so I copped:

...and a black one...haha!

I stepped into Lane Bryant for my mom....EVERY time I do shopping for her, they always get me twisted. I went to Bath&Body Works for her the summer of age 16, the clerks were like, "Are these for you?".....No one person has a linear opinion of me. I either come off as "enigmatic", strange, fruity, retarded, or dark.

I'm loving the Frank Sinatra music I got right now. Classic shit. I never knew he sung the "Married With Children" theme song. That's a classic joint.

You are in my brain.

--midas is cold,man--

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