As We Chase...The COOL!

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(Geek, Popular Girl, Goth Kid)
Just a few examples of the stereotypes kids often fall into during high school.

Who was I during the four year "high"?

You couldn't label me. I was the everybody kid.

I hung with the preps to experience their million dollar lifestyles, I hung with the "Dragon Kids" to learn about Magic the Gathering and to play Halo, I chilled with athletes because they always had interesting stories. When I left private high school, it wasn't very different. I hung with the artists because they were me, I hung with the music kids to learn my way around instruments, I chilled with dancers because their Saks Fifth attitudes intrigued me, and I hung with the Goths/Emos because they smoked weed at lunch.

Back in the day, it boiled down to the cool kids and the geeks. Today, there is no longer a clique for the cool kids, if you aren't considered normal, you must be "lame".

Folks are made out to be lame if they don't conform to today's regular trends, the music, the clothes, and the mode of thinking.

I hear the rapper to like is Gucci Mane. I honestly cannot stand Gucci Mane's music. Does it make me lame? In today's society, yes.

A lot of the homies like to wear brands like Coogi, Akademiks, and Miskeen. I personally don't like the bright colors, am I lame for that? Yes.

I have noticed a trend in the way of thinking for the class of 2008. A lot of us don't want to be in college, or have a hard time deciding what we wanna go for. One thing is for sure, we all are constantly "Chasing Payments". Me, I like money.'ll never catch me doing something stupid for the sake of's just paper with a dead guy on it. The richest man is the man who needs the least, not owns the most....Also, referring to Pharrell's In My Mind album cover...

"Wealth is of the heart and mind and not of the wallet."

If you gain personal accomplishment by chagrining other people for how they is you who is the lame, hating on the cool person.

--midas hath spoken--

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