Everybody Goes Overboard

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These rappers sicken me, yo. You know how every cat you come across thinks he's the best shit since sliced bread? Niggas are ass today.
The 5% Nation believes every human being is a god....A lot of rappers from the 1990's bought into this, mainly the Wu-Tang Clan.... I think this mentality has spread. Mainstream Rap isn't about the music anymore, hasn't been for a while....it's a popularity contest. Rappers don't seem to get fame from Rap anymore.....

I downloaded a mixtape. A cat named Jola with his iRep the Trunk Movement, the opposite of the 'Hood. I thought the concept was cool, but personally, I don't feel a single track off the tape. However, if you like Pop/Auto-Tune/Rap, this is a classic!


I gotta quit building shit up in my head. I'm a constantly disappointed person.

Oh, yeah. I went to private school too....

--midas is closin'--

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Peter said...

wu tang rapped about being from the hood and all that good stuff, but they at least had good lyrics. when someone raps about going to a private school, and they're terrible at rapping it just makes them look like a tool.

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