It's All Relative

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Have you seen the groups Facebook members are launching? They hit so close to home. For the loooooongest I thought I was the only cat who encountered such situations in my lifetime. If you haven't seen them, here are some of my favorites.

  • I Hate Getting Texts That Only Say "K"
  • 160 Characters Just Isn't Enough For A Text
  • I Was Waiting For A Reply And Then Realized I Never Even Sent The Text
  • Writing The Wrong Word Because You're Sidetracked By Others' Talking
  • I Change My Date On My Homework So It Looks Like I Did It Earlier
  • Getting Paranoid When I Notice Patterns On Multiple Choice Tests
  • 63 Notifications Later I Regret Liking Your Status
  • I Hate When The Desk In Front Of Me Doesn't Have A Basket For My Feet
Those are just a few, that I have seen that I can relate to. Others are things I've seen folks do: I Used To Put Glue On My Hand So I Could Peel It cousin used to do that, and I never understood why.

In other news: I should be back on beats in a few days. The computer is finally cooling down on CPU Usage..."pissin' me off!"

Third World meeting Friday, I can't wait.

--midas is hongry--

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