Money, Heauxs, Cars, Clothes

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The four main elements to the Hip-Hop lifestyle. You truly can't have one without the it seems. Truly, if I could maintain the lifestyle without fuckin' it up, I'd rock one car, one "heaux", a decent stack of mulla, and a whole lotta clothes...I like those.

I can't emphasis enough how much I'm diggin' Jovi Rockwell right now ...

Everybody needs to stay mobile.
Some kinda Batmobile Lamborghini type it the Mattmobile....that was kinda lame...

When it comes to the clothes, you can't go wrong dressing like a snobby rich kid.

Mr.Hudson brought the cardigan sweater into my world....well, actually it was this gay guy at Wright State that made me wanna rock one, but after The Blueprint 3 came out, I was all like, "Let me get a Mr.Rogers sweater."

-midas is hopin'--

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Shaun Fauste said...

dont dig too much. "Ben"

Midas Welle said...

I was fixin to make a reference to that song, but fuck it, I ain't Jamaican!

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