No1 Ever Really Dies

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A thought that popped into my head earlier. I'm not an expert on the after life, I can only lend theories. Personally, I haven't had somebody die that I had a strong emotional bond to...My "Gwanny" was taken by cancer when I was 3, and my mom had two I never had a super mental bond with those folks....

When people die, I tend not to dwell on the event of the death, but celebrate the legacy they left behind. Think about the good times you shared with them, whether you knew them well or not.

Today's, topic is Michael Jackson. He's one person who will NEVER die as long as the planet spins 'round. Why?
The man did it all. He climbed heights in which the the craziest thrill seeker would never imagine rising to.

(My man wore rhinestones and sunglasses to the White House!)

(Not just the top of US Gov't, but the UK?)

(Do you need a wheel barrow when you go to the Grammy Awards?)

(Did he win an Oscar for a movie version of what looks like a school play?)

(You make one of the best selling albums in the world, then turn around and buy the music made by the guy you featured on it?)

(Eat your heart out Shaq and Mike Tyson)

The bar is raised so high, people are taking steroids(Auto-Tune) to try to at least match his run. Uh-uh! If you ever go thinking that this mourning will blow over...

Think about the people who were up in their years when he came out, think about the people who were raised by his music, think about the kids who are just now discovering him.....How long you live is determined by how deep you make your carbon print.

Welle Being is how they'll remember me.

How will they remember you?

--midas has spoken--

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