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If you follow, you know I've been talking about doing an LP....maybe it'll be an EP, Music For Dummies. I'm going to do a series of these prior to making my classic album, F,000,L'$ G0ld. I've got an idea in the sense of direction I want MFD to go. Follow me!

  1. Zone Out
  2. Breath of Fresh Air
  3. BEASTmode
  4. I Am the Lion
  5. Can't Hide
  6. The Midas Touch ft Shaun Fauste
  7. Dirty Diana
  8. Opinion From the Dominion
  9. Storm Out
  10. Nowhere Girl
  11. Take You Down
  12. Fresh To Death
1.)There's a sense of continuity with this one. It all starts out with the zoning out. Midas Welle is an acquired taste. Everybody calls the musics I have a part in ,whether it be my own or Third Worldy, different, but good. I'm taking you into my zone one the first song, most likely outer space.

2.)Bringing us to track two where the listener must adjust to the lack of oxygen, a substance we are told we need to live....which is true, but I'm trying to convince the ears that we need not to grip onto the things we are told and roll with them without a question. Here, the listener sheds their human body shell and become energy, the energy that flows through the universe.

3.)BEASTmode is the releasing of my inner me, bringing out the animal in every human. Stop being civilized all the damn time.

4.)I truly believe I am the lion, this is gonna be the most "different" song of the LP. You're gonna be like, "What's going on here, I'm gonna skip this one."

5.)The LP is set as if I have a group of followers with me in this uncharted zone. I encourage the followers to bear all and strip themselves of their guilt and secrets in "Can't Hide".

6.)The Midas Touch is me bearing a few of my own skeletons. I'm having Fauste help me bring it out, this is his kinda song. We've been on this one for months.

7.)By this time, I have the folks who are listening go around and share things about themselves. Since we are all one energy, but I have led the expedition, I am the voice of the tale.

8.)This is me proclaiming myself as "The God Emcee", a title I have been given on numerous occasions....Blasphemy? I don't think so.

9.)Storm Out is a tale of a couple swept away by a tornado, in the sense of the LP, it is when the people get fed up with my antics after track eight, and decide to leave.

10.) Nowhere Girl is about a girl who runs away from home, in the sense of the LP, I''m like, "You ain't goin' nowhere, girl." Haha!

11.) At the end of Nowhere Girl, John Lennon sings, "I need a fix, cuz I'm goin' down." This takes us to Take You Down. I'm bringing emcees off of their high horses, but in the sense of the LP, I am bringing the humans back to Earth.

12.) Fresh to Death is not what you expect. Anyone else, it'll be about clothes....this is about taking those emcees off their high horse and performing euthanasia.....the act of putting one to death. All these rappers talk about clothes, so if you die, you would be fresh to Death(The Grim Reaper.)

This is gonna be a lot of fun when I get it done. All I gotta do is put it down and it's on like King Kong.........wrong......

--midas is promotin'--

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