808s & Heartbreak

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I spend most of my day to day on Facebook, whether it be friend requesting, or hassling cats to listen to Third World....come to think of it, those rat bastards from the Gypsy Hut never hit us up for a collab....

More often than not, I catch people pining over being alone and all that lubby-dubby rubby(rubbish).

One status that stood out to me went loosely like, "Why do guys only want my body, there's a mind in here too."

It's simply complicated as far as I know. Exhibit A:

The diagram above is the base of this discussion. The average woman( the homely woman as well as the "alright" woman) is a thinking machine. If you meet an average woman, she has the rest of her life planned out down to the small details. She knows the kind of man she'll marry, she knows what her wedding day will be like, and she knows how many kids she'll have....none of this ever really comes true, but that's life.

Your diva/cold/fine-wine woman hasn't the time to think because she has the pick of the litter. Guys of all walks of life often approach them.

Shifting gears towards the males. EVERY male is the same deep down inside. We were born with a life mission, "Get as much as you can before you die." A lot of you cats might be like, "Nah, I'm different!" Yeah...and man landed on the moon...

Now. The average woman is usually solicited for the use of her..er hum, birth canal....ha, birth canal....It's a well known fact. The average woman is more likely to get played like a fool and go on the Facebook and update about it over and over again.

The fine-wine chick has been around the block before. She's gone through the football team, the basketball team, the hockey team....every extra curricular except the Glee Club....haha, okay, not always, but that was funny.

A male's mind tells him,"Run through these hood rats, but wife up the finest chick you come across."

In my lifetime, my mind automatically ignores your average woman...it's not MY fault! The fine-wine ones that seem to flock to me, I simply don't know how to react...at all.

Back to the topic.....A 7 out of 10 young men do not care for being tied down in a relationship, and if he does, he's a gosh darn fool.

We've got our entire lives to live, why settle down so damn early???

I can guru on it all except love, I don't understand it.

'Til then, I'm Audi.

--midas controls it--

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