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I've been hearing this song, "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha on the radio for a few months now. I tuned into AMTV this morning and saw the video.
What happened to the good "virtued" woman of the 1950's?

Must the little girls solely look up to sleazeballs??

No disrespect......I guess. In the words of The Hills...or whatever MTV show it is, "The Bitch Is Back."

It seems the only way a woman can be taken "seriously" is by being a slut.

There's nothing wrong with a lady dressing up, make-up'd up, and all that good stuff, but to portray your loose values all willy-nilly...."you're turning me off."

I thought Hilson was a wholesome character...but that was 40 radio songs ago....

Hmm...well, if she's a hermaphrodite that kinda explains why her libido is so active.

I'm done baggin' on the heauxs.

This is my new favorite music video.

I probably would've been pissed off if this was my video....

I had the pleasure of listening to the We Are Young Money album....sounds like a mixtape to me.....not as hot The Hot Boyz....then again, The Hot Boyz were lukewarm in my opinion.

--midas is...hold it--

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