...That Wasn't The Plan

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Alright. If you live in Cincinnati, you already know what's going on....Bengals player, Chris Henry, hit the road, jack.............

Too soon?

I thought so.

Apparently, he fell out of the back of a moving truck....well, Stuntman fell out of the side of a moving van and he's still alive........well, he's Wolverine, so he healed up the same day....

My sorrows and all that good stuff go out to his wife, kids, family, and die hard fans. I'm not that big of a sports guy so, this doesn't quite impact me as hard as my fellow orange and black striped Who-Dey's.

In relation to the title of this post, I was watching Dora the Explorer.

The show talks to the viewer as if there is only one kid watching. If you got twins, triplets, et cetera, watching the show, will the kids fight over who Dora/Diego is talking to?

Dark day. My horoscope says I will feel a sense of rejection today....I thought it was balderdash, but I'll be damned, nobody's stroking my ego today......

I need a gallon of orange juice, I might be getting sick...I dunno.

I have officially said fuck Myspace, I can't even upload a picture without my browser freezing.....FUCK 'EM!

Facebook has finally allowed my music to be played on my fan page, I got music to upload as well as make. Let's get to it.....but I can't help but try to play Resident Evil 2 on my laptop.....

If Peter Parker died, Mary Jane would say this:

"Rest in peace, Tiger."

--midas' condolence--

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