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I could do a cliche thingy and tell you who my favorites of this year are, but, shit, we're at the end of the first decade of the years with 2 in the front. Lemme do it BIG!!!!!!!

The categories: Top 5 Artists of the Decade, Top 5 Albums of the Decade, Top 5 Singles of the Decade....no particular order.

Three categories, who cracks them in Midas' book? Let's see....


Kanye West: In 2004, this fresh faced Frosh from the Chi came to make a name for himself. Boy, did he ever! He debuted with "Through The Wire", a song I, personally, didn't feel until the album actually dropped. He made a permanent impression on me when I saw "All Falls Down" for the first time. The video resurrected my hope in the Hip-Hop game, it flexed creativity and it made me listen closer to what the song was saying. After receiving a bootleg copy of College Dropout, I wasn't impressed at first. It took a little effort for me to get into it, but once I did, I appreciated the art and hunger there was to be understood from it. Despite the man's lust for throwing fits at award shows, his production utilizing soul samples can only be beaten by the likes of The RZA, Pete Rock and DJ Premier.

Charles Hamilton: I was introduced to Hamilton by Fauste when he played "Sonic the Hamilton"'s "Fans Are Cool". Soon after this preview, I began to look into his discography. This man has more mixtapes than Lil Wayne, I swear. Hamilton brought a talent to Hip-Hop that I had only seen by a select few artists in any genre. He raps, sings, and makes his own beats. I admired that to the nth degree. Shortly after hearing his first full length album, The Pink Lavalamp, I was wondering, where's this man's major deal? Hamilton is responsible for me developing my philosophies from video games.

Drake: I hate when rappers turn into actors...except Queen Latifah and Mos Def...I find it entertaining when actors turn into rappers (Joaquin Phoenix)....Drake truly surprised me, not because I was familiar with Degrassi...I never saw an episode til Drake got hot....The man can appeal to BOTH genders, and that's truly hard to come by for most cats. He sings and still can still smash a track. He doesn't crack the list because he's my personal favorite, I STILL haven't listened to any of his mixtapes in full, but I see him making HUGE moves, and my hat goes off to him.

Young Jeezy: This character broke into the game via a Gucci Mane track. I was like, who is this cat? I didn't thoroughly dig Thug Motivation 101 until a year after its release. I had to open up, and it was worth it. his first album actually made me want to trap, and I didn't know the first thing about trapping. My favorite album from his catalog has to be The Inspiration. He still talked about trapping, but the beats and the subject matter was much better the second time around. People claim Jeezy can't rap....he's a world better than Gucci, that's for sure.

Lupe Fiasco: This cat is the epitome of mixing conscious rap with mainstream appeal. I can't think of too many people that don't like Lupe's flow. He came through on a skateboard and has been coastin' ever since. Hmm...I can't seem to think of too much to say aboot him.


Ghostface Killah-Fishscale-2006...This album marked the supposed introduction of Ghostface to the public eye. He has a lot of mainstream sounding tracks on this album, as well as that classic "Wu-Banga" shit. The single that led this album featured Ne-Yo "Back Like That". If it weren't for the skits, this album could be listened to front to back, no problem. It even features a mash up with The Notorious B.I.G, and it helped mark the return of Raekwon the Chef.

Raekwon the Chef-Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II-2009...This is an album I actually doubted would ever see a release date. What's so great about this album is, it picks up where the first installment left off. Pros: It features most of the Wu-Tang that appeared on the first album. Cons: Styles P and Beanie Sigel made the cut, but Nas didn't make another appearance. Slick Rick did NOT drop a verse which kinda ruined "We Will Rob You" in my opinion. Overall, it's still yet another Wu-Bang. If you haven't heard it, you're sleeping.

T.I-T.I. Vs. T.I.P.-2007....This was the first album by T.I. that I could listen to multiple tracks and not skip it. He got some of the hottest producers and emcees to appear, which kinda takes away from his rapping, but he still made some of his hottest tracks on this album.

NaS-Hip-Hop Is Dead-2006...I guess you need a title to catch folks attention to get people to buy the album. I liked how he rapped on the same sample he used as a single on the album before. He attempts to recapture Hip-Hop's essence. I like how he does a track where he raps the entire song doing the voice of a gangster from the 1940's. Besides Illmatic and I Am, this album has some of the best songs Nasty Nas has ever written.

Lupe Fiasco-Lupe Fiasco's The Cool-2007...I STILL listen to this album and all its glory. Lupe's flow, storytelling, and concepts just speak to me on this album, I found it better than Food&Liquor. The production is top notch and I like the lack of features on the album, it shows Fiasco can stand on his own. Cool...

Runner Ups: 50 Cent, Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. Common, Be. Kanye West, College Dropout. Clipse, Hell Hath No Fury. Jay-Z, The Blueprint 2.

TOP 5 Singles/Videos Of The Decade

I'm tired.................Congratulations to those who cracked the list.....to those who didn't, either I don't like you, or I just plain out forgot you exist....hahaha!

--midas has chosen--

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