Decade From Hell

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For as long as I can remember, people have been making predictions about the end of times. Whether it be Nostradamus or Prince. The year 2000 caused a plethora of chaos and whatnot in the year 1999. I remember where I was on New Year's Day 2000, home alone, watching Sting perform. Shit seemed alright......or were the cooky kapolko predictors onto something?

Maybe 2000 was the marking of the end of times, you know, the beginning of the end?

Time Magazine calls the decade of 2000-2009 "The Decade From Hell". I'd have to agree, personally, as well as socially. I'm no celebrity, you don't wanna hear my about my background and upbringing. Keep it social.

We've seen it all, forest wildfires, "terrorist" attacks, World War III, hurricanes, tsunamis, new diseases, the worsening of AIDS, down to the minor bull: lack of good entertainment.

I've been on my Howard Hughes lately. I've been reading up on scandals and conspiracies.

I've come to the conclusion that there are three kinds of people on this planet: God Lovers, Devil Worshipers, and The In-Between.

Illuminati runs this planet. The facts are in our faces, and we don't know. No one can become a "celebrity" without selling their soul. This is a true fact, this explains why all of your favorite stars and starlets are Atheists, Freemasons, or Scientologists.

This explains why a lot of artists NEVER make it to the mainstream because they refuse to include backmasked messages in their musics. Immortal Technique has been offered many a deals, but won't sign them because labels want him to drop his sound....


When the shit hits the fan, which side will you be on?

--midas is post-apocalyptic poet--

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