You Gotta Be KIDdin' Me

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My bad for the title, I HAD to. The developing news I'm getting at the tail end of this year seems to keep packing wallops. You remember this guy?
Yeah, we all love Pleasure P and his catchy Pretty Ricky hooks. You remember when he was accused of child molestation....blew over, right? On to the next one.

America's Best Dance Crew judge, Shane Sparks, apparently has 8 counts of molestation on his hands from a decade ago. Chick was allegedly 15 when it was going down........That's fucked up. A whole lotta black men are about to "go under"....tee hee hee....that's the reason I brought up Pleasure P....

I think Sparks is from Cincinnati, if that is the case, then it is fitting of him to do that. I know first hand some Vine Street characters that "holla" at little girls. It's crazy!

More recently, I heard a cat I went to school with is being charged with robbery and resisting arrest. Word is, Nikko, was at UC and brandished a pistol and told three folks to empty their pockets. He took no property when the police arrived, he tried to run, but was stun gunned......hold up. If the man took no property, doesn't that count as attempted robbery? What's fucked up is, I used to clown with this dude, and he didn't strike me as the type of person to commit such an act.

Must be a sign o' the times....

--midas hath spoken--

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