187 On The Fashion Police

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I audit...(you can't call it that)....Kanye's blog. He puts the weirdest fashion up.

I do not understand how some shit gets labeled as fashion. Like, do people actually wear the shit I am about to show you?

(Where do I wear this? A formal gay club?)

(A New Era 59/50 with Legos on it? "Who do dat?")

(Where the FUCK do you wear this? How long does it take to put on?)

(You would laugh your ass off if this was a random bag lady. They put it on the run way and it's praised?)

(This would be uber dope if it was in a movie. I'd call it, "Attack of the Sex Soldiers"...or some dumb shit. You don't wear this to the grocery store.)

(This is where I draw the lizzine. I thought it was a tire 'round her head.)

The Lego picture I got from K.West, the others I found on my own............thing is. He puts shit up like this ALL the time and goes, "I'ma cop this." "I like this." Odd..

By the way, this is NOT
--midas' clothin'--

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