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I'm back, AGAIN! I'm a hater. I know this. I got good reasons though.

Have you ever seen this, I know you have. When somebody goes to type the words, "you're or to" and end up using "your and too". We're grown ass....grown ups. That was in elementary. The reason I bring up bad spelling is because of this:

I know some English teachers that would go mad-cow-disease looking at this. Columbus became "Kilumbus"...I didn't know they called it that up there. I strictly knew it as Capital City or The Bus....isn't that Ohio's capital, Columbus?

Bukktown? Oh, Bucktown.

Fuck the other two. "Bullys" pisses me off.

Anyway, Rikk Reighn's mixtape "What The Streets Want!" is hosted by DJ SKNO, that name is awfully familiar, I think I met him, and features Gucci Mane and name familiar faces.

I haven't heard it yet to call it dece' or trash yet.....but I'm not that interested in it. I'll get it though.

--midas is download,load,loadin'--

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