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What's that, the minute after 4:20? No, not this route. Four to one in the literal sense. It's like this. Skeem and Ace put out a diss on Relly Boi.....which got downloaded. So, Relly Boi got mad and made one against all of us and some other rappers....So, I took it upon myself to record a "diss". I hate the idea of beef, but I thought it was time to shoot some cats out of the sky.

(M.T. Bag)


(Relly Boi a.k.a Ghetto Goofy)

...This is what it sounds like when Midas gets at him....*You MIGHT miss this is if you're seeing this from Facebook....come to the blog, fool!*

I recorded this sick, and in between the times of 4AM-6AM. I was sleepy, but I think my point got across. I don't even want beef, but that's what it looks like in my near future.....I didn't want this to be the first shit people have heard from me, but....oh Welle. 

I didn't even show enough respect to name the song.....

...and I said I wouldn't do it....

--midas hath spoken--

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