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I don't know what the Girl Scouts do except sell me cookies. I don't like very many varieties of what they offer.....I'll eat a Thin Mint if it's offered to me...I will buy Peanut Butter.......but gather around kiddies and let me tell you the legend of the Iced Berry Pinata!(Top right box)

The Pinatas were the best fucking cookie to ever hit the face of the Earth....and those little bitches don't sell them anymore! I don't mean that in the literal understand.

Due to poor sales, they discontinued the brand. Just because something doesn't sell well doesn't mean it's not a Common album.....other times poor sales do mean the product was shitty.

(I had this one time and I thought it was carbonated water.)

(I pity the fool who lost his job that summer....)

I dunno what cola is, but I think it's supposed to stay dark.....

--midas is....I dunno, are we going to Kellz or recording? My inclinations tell me neither--

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