"Ain't My Bitch!"

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Shortly after I did that post about my discography, I came to small realization.....Goddamn, I'm one of the greats!

That's not a shot at the title for Best Rapper Alive...who wants to be a bra? That's not tryna gain buzz and small time fame for whatever it is I do...it's a fact.. Then again, nothing is true.

Lyrically, I'm always fresh. I NEVER recycle lines from previously recorded tracks....you figure after rapping damn near everyday for 9 years I'd be tapped out....surprisingly, I'm not. I'm not saying I'm a great because I'm full of me and won't swallow pride. That's just how it is. I'm not the greatest. Let's leave it at that.


(The most wholesome picture of a gangbang I could find.)

I'm using this picture to illustrate my point. What's my point? Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you I'm changing topics.

Anyway. Um.....Hip-Hop, in the sense of this picture is the white girl. Look at her...she loves it, and the niggas do too. The many gentlemen you see represent every upcoming rapper in the game.

The state Hip-Hop is in, and has been for quite some time now, is considered gangbang in my mind.

Why's that?

Everybody wants a piece of Hip-Hop. I'ma tell you right now, I don't...nope, not anymore.

Hip-Hop is a call girl, a prostitute, a play girl.

In other words, you can make the shit in the comfort of your own home, muthafuckas have to pay indie labels to join, and the limelight isn't guaranteed to all.

So....why do I still rap?

Don't call me a rapper. Don't call me a producer. I don't play an instrument, so you can't call me a musician.....call me what true musicians aspire to be, an artist.

Don't come up to me with that raspy shit, "How come they don't play yo shit in the club?" or, "Why you on that Common and Lupe shit?" I hate the generalizations. Just because I say some over the head shit, or don't talk about the SAME shit, I gotta be Mos Def, Lupe, or Common 'round this bitch?

'Nother thing.......well, there is no other thing.....

Just listen to the music, man, it's beautiful shit.

I'm telling you, I'm going into iTunes and I'm changing the genre of all my material to Avant Garde. Don't call me Hip-Hop. If she comes to my doorstep throwing the nappy dug out me, I'm gonna have to "peace her out."

I can't lie, though. Me and Hip-Hop still go out, but we're seeing other people....at least I am now, cuz I know she's been going behind my back....That's a fling....cuz she...

(Ain't My BITCH!)

--midas is "on the next one, on, on to the next one"--

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