"Even Better Than The Real Thing"

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Hmm...where do I begin?

You know the cats you see in life? The ones who have the newest Jordans on their feet, or the chicks with a pair of Baby Phat that doesn't fit so right 'round their hips, and their baby also has on J's with Rocawear jeans....but they're starving?

The muthafuckas with the 501s on, the Supras, the vintage kicks. Ever wonder, why do people obsess with over a logo?

I'm guilty of logo worship. I love Lifted Research Group's clothing.....but I don't wear it cuz I think, "I'ma get some hoes, and the niggas gon' respect my 'gear'." I wear it because everything they stand for, I can relate to. It's expensive as shit, but not like the more popular labels. It's a line fashioned toward the underground cat who likes to shine and stand out.

The reason I bring this up is because of an episode of Blue Mountain State. The football team stole the team captain's pocket pussy and passed it around. They all got Syphilis from it, but they said it was like "humping a sunset."

I compare this to fake gear and one's happiness. If a person has on fake J's or FAPES, he's gonna get laughed at by the cats who buy the real shit and starve. If it makes a person happy to wear the fake shit, is it your business to call him out? Like the pocket pussy(fake gear), it made the players happy, though they got Syphilis(laughed at by gear connoisseurs).

Haha, it's a fucked up analogy, but you follow me don't you?

I bring this up because I think there's a strong possibility I ordered faux kicks. Honestly, I don't give a fuck. It costs about twenty bucks American to produce a pair of Nikes, the workers get paid about....7 cents, and the price tag is marked anywhere from $100 to $300...and we buy this shit? Monthly?

Shoes die anyway. If they look good while you got 'em, I don't see a problem........now if they're terrible replicas....yeah, you get laughed at, I'd understand. Czech it!

(The Internet says these shoes are fake. Aren't they still nice?)

(Big Boi was spotted with Fay's on. Does that make him any less of a top notch rapper? I think not.)

Shit, if I'ma rock fake shoes, I guess it won't be as bad to downgrade my hat selection too. New Era was always expensive for me, but I love their Cincinnati hats....we won't break up, we'll just see other people. Goodbye New Era, hello, Mitchell and Ness.

(No bullshit!)

And I STILL got these on my mind:

Shit, $300? I might cop 'em fake. Don't look at me like, "Ah, he lame, he's tryna make fake shit look cool." If this thought has crossed your mind, you my good friend are what we call, a, how do you say, a hater.

--midas welle tell'em--
Crank Dat Golden Boy

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