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Look....Third World, not these clowns.

We're the greatest thing since sliced bread. We got too much fire power. We're like cells, we separate and regroup, divide, multiply, and subtract these cats out of the game. Let me break it down.

(Stuntman, Midas Welle)
I came up with the name and concept, he gave me the idea for the logo, and that's the hugest part. I'm surprised a red line didn't appear under hugest, that's a word?

We got BAKED one night and were eating cookies. The way he took a bite of the round cookie, it looked like Pacman, which then reminded me of Earth(Third World) and BLAOW!!

The first real act on Third World wasn't a solo act, it was the then unnamed "pilot" supergroup I had dreamed of, M.T. Bag....Most Thizzle Boys And Girls.

(Ace Boogie, Midas Welle, Skeem Da General, Shaun Fauste)
Pretty even that caption was.....We had no name for the group we were in. I suggested Third World because I didn't wanna carry on like we were a full record label until we found more acts...Ace suggested Smokin' On The Staircase...or was it Steps? This day and age, I'd keep that name and use it, cuz that's all I do now...but I wanted a band sounding name, I didn't wanna sound like a rap group.

When you hear "Empty Bag," you don't think for four dope ass rappers, do you? You think of a Punk Rock or Gothic Rock band or something... Some characters with tight jeans and eye liner who fuck bitches on stage...the American dream...

I made 10 beats on our first project, and Ace helped me produce "Shots Ring Out." He brought the chop over and I put drums on it. Basically he made the beat, I just drummed it.

The pilot was a success. Our first album not only as a group, but as a label gave us something to market Alma Mater with. I swear, Ace and I went to Wallaby's in Dayton/Fairborn, and some dude who worked there was like, "Third World Records in the house." I didn't know him, Ace didn't know him....How he knew of us, I don't fucking know, but it flattered me.

If you STILL don't know about M.T. Bag and their fucking classic fucking album, fuck boy, gon' get it!
&...since you wanna be a smart ass, get our LP:

I have known Relly Boi for a long time, basically because he is Ace's older brother. I've been following his music since his second song...cuz I STILL haven't heard his first one.

I fucks with Relly because he has some kind of appeal to the world. To be as real as can be, I don't like a lot of the music he does, but I will stand behind him because I know there are plenty of people who do. He may not fuck with Third World like THAT, but I consider him Third. Cuz when everybody shuts the door or stops giving a fuck, he can turn around and see Third World behind him. Get his new mixtape, mixed by some DJ from Shade45!


This character, I didn't think he would even consider Third World Records, but this past Summer, he hit me up to make a deal. I obliged. M.O is one of the best performers you'll ever see in your lifetime. I think it sprouts from his overactive attitude in real can't make him sit still for shit. He has two albums under his belt, The Warm Up and The M.O Hour. Both classics in their own rights. M.O has performed in Chi Town at the Obama rally, or something...The Black Family Reunion, TWICE! Watch out, sucka!

I don't have a lot of shit to say, cuz this nigga has more pictures of him on here than I have of me. You'll be seeing something about him on here fairly soon, I bet you....


Members On The Rise:

I came into the game with him and Stuntman. We were just a bunch of kids and we didn't know what were doing, but we knew we wanted it. Ever since we started, it's just been on our minds. I haven't seen this cat in months, but I know if he's reading this, he's mad I used his picture without asking. Ask about his beats, son!

(Lady S)
Well, she and I made a song together in the ' was the first song off of Third World Records...or second, cuz Skeem and Ace made "I'm So Good" around the same time. Lady S, she's on some other shit! I'm going out on a limb and I'm gonna say, she's the best female rapper there, that's not hard to come by.....I'm going out on more limbs, she most definitely cracks my top 10 favorite rappers, if I had one.

You gotta let her breathe. I can't wait until she's able to record her debut. I want to hear it! Look out, I'm telling you...

Consisting of Average Joe.....and I feel like such a fucking asshole because I can't remember the cat to the right's name. All I can tell you is, Giving Everyone Everywhere Knowledge has some spitters. Especially the cat who's name doesn't come to mind this time, he's got the flow, Joe's got the lyrics. They have yet to come out with any material due to lack of studio or something.....I produced a whole mixtape for them in a span of two weeks, and they were to release it in November of 2009, but they STILL haven't recorded shit for me.....

I still got 'em.

His beats were the first beats I had ever rapped on when I was young. He used to backpack and skateboard with the MPC in hand everywhere he went. Now he's grown. He's one of Cincinnati's best producers...POINT BLANK. Don't believe me? I thought you wouldn't....Refer to The Warm Up or The M.O Hour, he produced all of The Warm Up, and most of The M.O Hour.

Technically, if we count the archived music that hasn't seen the light of day....Seth's beats appear on less than 30 albums recorded by Third World Records.....yuck, huh?

"Why are all of y'all music heads?"

I don't know if it's the same for everybody who makes music, but when you make music, you think about it takes up a good portion of your thoughts.

We're the most passionate about our music. We love it. We love when people love it. We love to bring it to you. That's why I share my butt beats with you, I want you to know how deep the love runs.

See us?

Nah, it's like playing Hide and Seek with Dracula in the House of Mirrors....

--midas just told 'em--

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