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Any Jeezy fans out there?

Some of you may be familiar with his old shit, others, you might've thought he had new albums out...

My mom wondered if he had always done the adlibs he does today back I did a little research.

Content-wise, he's the same old Young Jeezy....lyrically, he was spittin' for the adlibs....they're rare!

I caught a "Yeeeeeah!" but it wasn't like his mainstream "Yeeeaaah!"

I'm laughing my ass off at some of the tracks he has on his old shit...for instance, "Can You Smell?"

The hook is said in the cadence of WWE(F) wrestler, The Rock. "Can you smeeeeeeeeeeeeeell the rocks I'm cookin' nigga." Jeezy's voice is doing that old T.I shit, it's like he's going through puberty with the voice cracks. He's got this song I'm feeling heavy, "Put The Whip On It Pt2".....goes hard, but the voice is reminds me of some Slim Shady LP type shit....yeah, I said it. It's like if Eminem rapped about robbin' a nigga....

I'd post links and shit, but I don't know if he still makes cash from these records...

He also reminds me of Relly Boi with how his hooks are usually borrowed lines from other verses. It's crazy.

Look for these if you can. He had Lil Jon and Bonecrusher on his shit with NO deal. That shit amazes me!

I just came back from a job interview. Same place Ace and Skeem just quit from....I think I got too ahead of myself. Time will tell though. I was quite visual with my lack of ambition for real work, and I wrote on my application under why I want to work there: "I would like to work here because I want to further add skills and techniques to my repertoire for future jobs." I think I got in good regardless for my use of the word repertoire...don't see that everyday, huh?

Wish me luck, and it's night shift. 50 cents extra, YAY!!!!

"Uh huh, ok, what's up, shut up!"

--midas is hopin'--

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