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I don't really know if this video is for real or not, but it does a little eye opening. "...all I had to do was flat iron my hair, put on some Apple Bottom jeans and all the guys wanted to fuck me."

Man, I'm glad I don't swing. Makes me think about Furious Styles, "A pill ain't gonna stop your dick from falling off." The issue ain't pregnancy, it's those STD's ladies and gentlemen.

(You know what the fuck I meant. Support it!)

(Getcha pants off the ground, and wear 'em to the ceiling. These revamped STD's might could spread through the air, you never know.)

(You didn't know what these were really for 'til now, huh?)

All I'm saying is, wrap it up if you're gonna fool around, but don't be a fool. Get yourself tested. Don't be foul like the chick up top..........and keep rockin'.

--midas is full blown pissed--

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