"Gimme Det BECKY!"

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Ace Boogie INSPI( RED ) me to cop a set of Skullcandy's after he copped a pair. Some sleek black maphuckas. I took an interest in them shortly after seeing Fauste's pair in which he broke....some pale white bitches, and again when I saw Charles Hamilton's pink ones, and Snoop's blue ones. After Christmas, the idea of the Visa Giftcard was resurrected in my mind. So......I'm getting a pair...

You know I gotta show you the ones I like though.

Skullcandy Ti Yellow/Green
(Real Jamrock in this hoe!)

Skullcandy Hesh Green/Black
(Lookin' like if I still played Halo heavy. I'd roll up in a tournament like, "Yeah...")

Skullcandy Snoop Dogg Skullcrushers
(S-N-Double-O-P! I like these better than the Crip'd out blue ones.)

Skullcandy Hesh Brown/Gold
(Lookin' real Louis Vuitton Donnish)

Skullcandy Kevin Garnett/Celtics Green/White
(Me no watchy B-Ball, but if I did, I'd be all over these. Hold up....)

Skullcandy Derrick Rose/Bulls Red/Black
(These are more along the lines of colors I wear.)

Skullcandy Hesh White/Black
(Roughly, these are the ones I want.....Provided they're still in stock, I'm getting them...."Y'all'll" be the first ones to hear aboot it.)

These shits come in more styles and colors than BAPEs, huh?

I think these'll help keep me motivated as far as feeling what I'm creating. Who knows?

--midas is coated--

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