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I was channelin' and surfin' the web. I always stop for rappers...though I fuckin' hate rappers.

I hope homie is reading this so he and the rest of the world can understand how brutally honest I am. You know how they say, "Never judge a book by its cover"?..............9x out of 10 that refers to books. Right now I'm still passive on what I see, I cannot make a final judgement until I hear it. Look through my eyes.

Alright. For starters: I dislike the following prefixes: Lil', Big, Yung, Young, MC. We clear? If indeed you do have one of these in your name, you must prove yourself worthy and show you stand out of the cliche. Lil, I like Lil Wayne. Young, I like Young Jeezy. Any modern day Big's or MC's are kinda weak to me.

The cover itself can be interpreted a variety of ways. Where I'm from (Cincinnati), Stunt is a slang term. I notice both pictures are black/white...I don't think this applies to the Motor City native.

Hmmm...If we look at the back cover, however, we'll see the "cliche-est" of all rap album pictures. The freshest outfit one can don with the cliche school picture pose.

As I type this, I'm ~30% done downloading the mixtape.

Off the tracklist, I can't help but assume he's a party rapper. I can respect that........BUT niggas of his caliber come a penny a dozen.

...Now, if I am thoroughly surprised by what I hear in about an hour, I'll eat my hat.

I almost FUCKING forgot. You too can download Young Roc's Publicity Stunt.

--(midas' slogan)--

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MC Snax said...

quit hatin' and get money my nigga. And where do you find these mixtapes lol

Midas Welle said...

Facebook connections, Mr.Snax.

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