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I've been going through my iTunes library. Nowadays I'm rocking under 10,000 songs. That's roughly 25 days of music. If I could leave this computer on for a month straight, I'd never hear the same song twice....roughly. That's kinda crazy!

Anyway, the topic of the hour is cover songs versus the originals. For instance, Seether's version of George Michael's(or was it Wham!'s) "Careless Whisper." Which is kinda weird cuz I don't usually approve of covering songs. I can't decide between either version. I like the emotion of the cover, but the instruments in the original can't be beat.

(I REALLY like this video!)

I'm gonna shock a lot of die hard Michael Jackson fans.....MJ's video WAS better, BUT Alien Ant Farm's version of the song takes the my opinion.

(A lot of people were ashamed to admit they liked this joint back in the day.)

This next joint, I grew up listening to the original and the cover. I like both, but The Police version is better sung, and Alanis' "guitaring" is better.

The previous songs were done within the same genre....basically. What happens when you change over? Let's say Rock'N'Roll over to Soul. Pleasurably results.

The reason I don't usually go for cover songs: I don't think the covering artist can possibly convey the same emotion the original performer did.....depending on the song. If the song is "Twist And Shout" or "You've Made Me So Very Happy" or "Gypsy Woman", if I hear one more of those, I just might....I dunno, stop listening?

It's been.....nice.

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