The World Is In My Palm

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I was looking at my fan page stats, blowing my head up about a whole lotta nothin'. I was looking at the countries that have seen me. I'm kinda flattered. A kid from Cincinnati can be viewed in countries my public schools have never taught me about.

Of course the USA, 50 pentagrams and demonic country.

O...Canada. This is the runner up country I'd flee to if not the next country.

.France, home of fries, Hpno', toast and bad bitches..I didn't mean that.

Where Fauste feels his heart is....'tis where my Reeboks come from.

Up until now, I have never seen this flag before. Kinda cool. I knew a kid from Saudi Arabia, he was rich, but he lived a working class life in Cincinnati. Odd..

The Bahamas, I hear they are ever so beautiful with the clearest water you'll ever see.

Belarus, I have never heard of them, but because they have heard of me, I love them now. I think they speak Russian.....I'm not crystal clear on that.

I'm familiar with Croatia, but their language looks like absolute gibberish to me. I kinda wanna learn it.

I've got people from India. This country is mine. I like Bollywood, but you can NOT get me to eat too much of the food.

Martinique, by far the dopest flag I have ever seen. In the Caribbean I'm led to believe.

I'm familiar with The Netherlands because Joey from Friends confused it with Peter Pan's Neverland.

I have NO knowledge on Poland. If this flag appeared as the label on something, I'd buy it.

Venezuela. I like how it's pronounced.

In conclusion....All you other countries have very, very limited time to get hip to Third World Records.

What better way to ride out?

--midas is gloatin'--

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