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Today is the "deBUTT" of my new beat album, The Heartline. A lot of questions have risen, "Why did you name it The Heartline?"

Ok............Nobody really asked that, but in case you would like to know, follow me.

The Heart-Line is the line on your hand that palm readers "read" to make predictions from and see what you've been through romance-wise. I did this feature kinda like a timeline with ladies I was crushin' on back in the day. Some know these tracks are made in their honor, if I told others, I'd probably be considered a "stalker", or my favorite, a "creeper."

The feature isn't as long as I predicted, but quality over quantity is the way to be....not drug-free....So, let's discuss my meaning behind this feature. (There is no definite order.)

  1. Blue Suede Shoes-sampled from Elvis Presley's "Blue Suede Shoes." The reason I made this, there was a girl I went to elementary school with who had the same last name. I thought it was a decent concept to roll with.
  2. China Girl-sampled from David Bowie's "China Girl." During the one year I attended SCPA, I sat next to an oriental girl in Anatomy. I'm sure she was American adopted, and I'm certain she was Chinese....there are Japanese elements in this beat though...Am I going to hell?
  3. Great Scott-sampled from Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out." The lady I made this for, her last name is Scott. Also, Franz Ferdinand is from Scotland. Tight, right?
  4. Hot Stuff-sampled from Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff." I made this for a girl I fell in lust with in the 3rd grade. Her name was Donna, and she was HOT STUFF!
  5. In A Nutshell-sampled from Alice In Chains' "Nutshell." The girl's name was Angela, but they called her Shell to distinguish between her and her mother in the household. I think she'd like it.
  6. Leer Through Curtains-sampled from Ameera Perkins' "Rocket Love." If you say it hard enough, the title rhymes with the sampled artist's name. I went to high school with this lady. She touched my ass one time, I think that gives me the okay to use this song.
  7. Leeway-sampled from Lalo Schifrin's "Enter The Dragon(Theme)." I haven't formally met this girl, one of Fauste's love interests back in the day. I just thought she was pretty, so she gets a beat.
  8. Queen of Hearts-sampled from Juice Newton's "Queen of Hearts." All you need to know, she calls herself the queen of hearts. 
  9. Star Road-sampled from Craig David's "Follow Me." I went to school with this girl by the name of Star....booty was juicy! Anyway, if you know Super Mario World, the secret series of levels, Star Road, you'd understand me. "Follow me to my bedroom." Star-Road, get it?
  10. The Buxom Bosom-sampled from Ludacris' "Southern Hospitality." If you don't know the "B" words, they translate into, "BIG TITTIES!"
  11. The Mermaid Song-sampled from Sarah Khider's "Mermaid Song." I found this track on YouTube of all places and stole it! Think of the main character from Disney's The Little Mermaid and guess the special lady's name.
 These are some of the best beats I've made in like.........EVER! Some of them at least. A few are classic me beats, don't mind those. It's about time I got some of the bullshit off my chest. Now....

On to the next one.

I don't know what that will be.

If you would like a copy of The Heartline, you can click where it said The Heartline, or you can click HERE!

I'll add it to my discography when I get the chance...which will be fairly soon, you can also listen to it in the Soundclick playlist.

--midas is....homie...--

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